The Portugese sailors have landed, and later on the Dutch, then the French and English, will the Dodos survive? 

Click in the bushes to find things to cook with, and move the wood onto the fire to set it up using the hand.

If it's not aligned correctly, just sorta put the wood around the fire. 

The longer you're visiting the Island, the more times you go round, will you still be able to find Dodos?

Edit: I'm developing this further


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Hi Maz! It was really good to see you at AdventureX today.

It occurred to me that now that I got rid of my Twitter account I won't be able to contact a bunch of people, including you. I'm not sure what to do about this yet, but my temporary solution is to add people as friends on Steam, Discord or whatever else both of us are using.

If you want to keep in touch, just look up my username and add me as a contact.

And if nothing else, I guess I'll see you next year at AdventureX!