While wandering through the mines one day, as you're known to do, you come across a poor little crying Dwarf.

This poor little guy is weeping  because the precious presents he had got buried when he dug too deep. Always his problem, digging too deep. 

Infact, his digging too deep has destabalised the entire surrounding mine! You only have a few seconds to get everything out, making sure you don't waste your time on any nonsense, or grab something dangerous!

And those deep mines can be very dangerous! 

Infact a 1 in 3 chance of danger.. if you don't know how to spot it. 

Please help dig out these presents, and give them back to the poor little boy.

bg loop is "Witch's Hut" by Visager and end music is The Christmas is in Another Castle by Jordan Gladstone


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hehehehehe delightful!


Aww! This is such beautiful drawings you made for this game! Also, I give you props for making it so you don't have to reset the cutscene after multiple playthroughs! Great job!

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Thanks :D also I'm gonna change it so that it appears only once/on refresh rather than stops after the second time you go through - it seems people get annoyed by it appearing twice


I really like the art for this game. Good job!

Cheers! All of it was done over the weekend in Aseprite.