It's October! Lots of people will be doing Inktober! 

Lots of people will be stressing over doing Inktober! 

There's so many great artists doing great things, and it feels so stressful to feel as though you're obligated to make time to do a masterpiece every day. 

Never mind being faced with a blank piece of paper everyday! 😖

Introducing... Quicktober! 

This year all of the squiggles are released on day one so you can do things at your own pace, whether

Each squiggle is a starting point for you to get some creativity on, you can either print it out by doing this: 

Or you can just redraw the squiggle on your own piece of paper, or save the squiggle to your computer b/c this isn't inktober, there's no problem with drawing however you want. (Including mixing the Quicktober squiggles with other prompts)

And if you miss a day, you can use more than one squiggle in your art. You can place them wherever you want, upside down or sideways or back to front. 

If you manage to use every squiggle and show me your art then I'll draw you a prize!

But this is entirely for people to not feel stressed or like they have to make masterpieces. It's good for you to doodle and get some art going, but if it's all weighing on you too much, it's far better for you to get a nice hot cup of $drink and sit down with your favourite $thing. 

Otherwise go ahead! Have some fun! Do some doodles! And have a great Quicktober! (also if you want me to see your stuff link it to me on twitter or tag it with #Quicktober2019) ❤🎉👻

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