If you've ever read Tiffany Aching and wanted to know more about why her grandma called her Jigget, there's a reference page on wikipedia on traditional sheep counting methods of Britain.

If you want a nicer to read and more fun version of that you can play with this sheep counting simulator.

Click on different names of locations to see what different locations counted sheep in. 

Sheep counting is important to check how many you have, as they're prone to wandering or falling into bushes or off cliffs. They're not smart animals. Either way a shepherd would count this way and when they got to 20 they'd make a mark on something, or put a stone somewhere or move their hand on their crook.

Some counting methods are still in use currently, the welsh method listed here is the base-20 counting method, like using "Score" instead of 20. Modern welsh doesn't use "un an ddeg"  (one and ten) in everyday language, instead "un deg un" (one ten one).

There's plenty of modern languages which still count in 20s rather than being decimal, ironically French is known for this with Quatre Vingt et Dix (Four-Twenties and Ten) being 90.

Also it's totally true that some traditional numbers are kinda funny. Check out "Borrowdale" style counting. 

I assume that "Dales" refers to Yorkshire Dales and "Lakes" to the Lake District. Also personally I wouldn't doubt Wales has far more ways of counting than just saying one is Welsh but yorkshire has a bunch haha.

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